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VoIP Services

Phone systems are changing for the better!

Until recently telephone systems have remained mostly unchanged for over 100 years. With the explosion of high-speed internet access everywhere, there are new exciting options available that your business can take advantage of to save you money, and streamline communication with your clients.

Anders Business Solutions can assist you in selecting a phone solution to fit your business needs.

Traditional phone systems and current monthly bills are outrageously priced for the features that are available. Anders Business Solutions can help you save money on both fronts, while adding new features like voicemail-to-email, find-me-follow-me call forwarding, interactive voice response systems (IVR), transcribed voicemail, etc.

With an IP phone system, you can keep your existing telephone numbers and add new ones for less than $1/month. Unlimited local and long-distance calling is available for less than $20/month per phone line.

Regardless of how prevalent email and online communications have become, everyone still relies on their telephone. Connect with Anders Business Solutions to see how we can assist your business and make your phone system more reliable, more useful, while substantially lowering your monthly phone bill. Our business is not to sell phone systems, but to increase office productivity.

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