"I would like to say that ABS is one of the best supply and service vendors that I have ever worked with. I can honestly say that when I deal with the people who work there, I feel as if I am their only customer.  I get the impression that my problem is the only one that is happening today and of the utmost urgency to them.  I appreciate this attitude and I am sure anyone considering a purchase from ABS would also appreciate their efficiency and effectiveness!"

- Lisa A. King

Valley Landscape Supply

A division of Valley Irrigation, Inc.

Corvallis, MT

"The staff and technicians at ABS are knowledgeable, responsive and easy to work with. We consider them to be a valuable business partner and look forward to this continued relationship in the years ahead."

- Art Kruger
The Wave Aquatic and Fitness Center


"From the first step of making the decision as to which machine to purchase, to the last steps of installation and training, the process was seamless. Anders always follows through on what they promise and we couldn’t be happier with the performance of the Konica Minolta and the service crew at Anders. From ordering supplies to any technical work needed, Anders is very quick to respond so we are never left long waiting for service. Anders provides top notch customer service from the bottom up and I would recommend them to anyone looking to purchase any office equipment."
- Joe Gough
Facility-Conference Manager
The University of Montana, Continuing Education

"ABS has provided us with all around service and a product designed to meet our advanced needs. From initial discussions to match us with a well suited product, to the office staff’s prompt and courteous service to the technicians’ wide range of expertise and superb, timely response to service calls, I feel we made a wise decision to go with Anders for our copy machine lease. I would certainly recommend Anders to anyone looking for a service oriented office machine supplier and would be happy to discuss my experiences."
- Jessica Sandven-Sorensen
Administrative Assistant
Junkermier, Clark, Campanella, Stevens, P.C.

"The two law firms in our office building have used the services of ABS for many years. We have purchased copiers as well as retained them with a service agreement for our copiers. In the years of working with them I can say the service is excellent. When we have a service need, we cannot afford to wait for a repair. We are always facing deadlines from the Court and in response to our clients’ individual needs. ABS has always responded quickly and competently to our requirements."

- Randy K. Schwickert
Attorney at Law

"We are so pleased with the (document management system) ABS recommended, sold, installed and continue to service and support for us. The system has exceeded our expectations. Though we continue to scan and upload documents, the system has already proved its worth. Instead of tediously looking through drawers of file folders, we can locate orders, invoices, drawings and shipping documents in seconds. We have already been able to secure new orders by simply having the previous documentation readily available. The fact that our files are securely offsite is an added bonus. We heartily recommend a document management system and the Anders Business Solutions team to any business looking to easily and securely transition their paper and digital files to a cloud based management system."

- Brian Green, P.E.
Universal Filtration